Friday, 7 September 2012

Character Interview - Maria M!!

Katie: Hello guys! How are you? Why don’t you tell us your names and a bit about yourself...?"
Shade: The name's Shade. I do not usually promote ignorance, but the rest, you needn't know.

Lana: Shade, we've talked about this--

Shade: You trust too easily. There's a reason the Masked are called that; they're quite good at masking their real identity. *narrows eyes at interviewer*

Katie: What do you consider you strengths to be?

Shade: That depends; are you a human or a Marked?

Katie: *looks up from the clipboard to meet his eyes* Surely you could answer that question for yourself? I mean, you have that power right?

Shade: I don't open up to humans.

Lana: I thought you loved boasting about how you're so much better than the rest of us.

Shade: Fine. Everything you humans lack, I have. Each of your weaknesses are my strength.

Lana: *turns to interviewer* Hunting Masked and killing people for no reason; those are his strengths. That's everything he ever does, really.

Katie: What about your weaknesses?
Shade: One should never confess to their weaknesses. Perhaps, a human would, I suppose, but mere stupidity asks for neither mercy, nor pity.

Lana: Just answer the question, Shade.

Shade: -silence-

Lana: His biggest weakness is undermining humans... and then, there's that huge ego.

Shade: It's not ego. Rather, it is recognition of superiority--

Lana: Just drop it.

Katie: Do you have a greatest fear?
Shade: Fear is a weakness; why would I put myself through that?

Lana: *crosses her arms and sighs*

Shade: Perhaps, it's loss that I fear of most - loss of those who mean something to me. Happy?

Katie: *tilts head slightly with surprise* Um, happy? Yes! You just opened up a little...That is an achievement in my book!"
Katie: Well what about love? Do you consider that to be a weakness or a strength?
Shade: Love's always a weakness. Emotions in general are a weakness.

Lana: That's not what you told me.

Shade: *sighs* Love ignites powerful emotions, and those emotions can save or destroy. I will go no further on the matter. Next question.

Katie: What is the most important thing in your life? What do you value the most?
Shade: My own life.

Lana: *gasps* So, if it came down to it, you'd let me die to save yourself?

Shade: You *are* my life.

Katie: What's the one thing you have always wanted to do but didn't/couldn't/wouldn't?

Shade: I've always wanted to die. Somehow, that has never worked out.

Lana: Drop the sarcastic attitude, will you?

Shade: It's either that or me walking out.

Lana: He wants to break away from the Marked grasp, but he's afraid he'll die if he tries.

Shade: Lana! *glares at her*

Katie: *a smile slowly spreads on face* "Lana, I like you. You seem really good for Shade! ..And you answer all of the questions!"
Do you have any secrets you'd like to share? It'll stay between these four walls... *winks*

Shade: And I believe you, of course.

Lana: If you keep that up, I will tell her one of the secrets you told me, and it won't stay within these walls, I assure you.

Shade: *rolls his eyes* Fine. Here's a secret: We, Marked, exist. I bet you didn't know that.

Katie: Firstly, you can trust me. Scout's honour. And secondly, since we're here, having this conversation, I guessed that you do exist!

Shade: Firstly, who's Scout? Secondly, assumptions will be the death of you. I can make you see whatever I wish to, and you wouldn't know the difference. Perhaps, this is just a dream.

Lana: *pinches him on the arm*

Shade: Ow.

Lana: This isn't a dream, then. Here's a secret of his: he has scars on his chest that he apparently got when--

Shade: Lana, stop that. *running out of patience*

Katie: "Yeah, I can see there was no normality...Shade, it's a figure of speech, just reinforcing my earlier statement that you can trust me. I'm having a hard time not chanting "Go Lana! Go Lana!" at the moment..." *shakes head* "Wow...a secret! Pray tell!"

Shade: I trust neither you nor this Scout character.

Lana: He got the scars in a Masked attack. They're claw marks.

Shade: *snaps* I'm surprised how a Masked hasn't attacked you yet. You'd be an easy victim, considering how you trust everyone. No wonder the duo had such an easy time manipulating you.

Lana: Yeah, yeah *not actually listening to him*

Katie: *Shrugs* "Okie Dokies then...Trust no-one seems like your motto. You know, if you don't trust people, you could end up isolated." *Shrugs again*
*Actually chants "Go Lana! Go Lana!* "Yep, Lana I really like ya!"

Shade: What's wrong with isolation?

Lana: For one, you'd lose me.

Shade: But I do trust you. It's them I don't trust. *glances at the interviewer and the hologram of Scout*

Lana: Then, can't you trust that I won't tell them anything of that much significance?

Shade: See, that's your ignorance speaking.

Author: Shut up. Both of you.

Katie: Well, before we get into WW3, I think we should cut it there! Thank you so much for joining me, Lana and Shade! I look forward to hearing from you soon!


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