Friday, 30 December 2011

Review for 'Emergency: Wife Lost and Found' by Carol Marinelli...

Emergency: Wife Lost and Found (Medical Romance)Emergency: Wife Lost and Found by Carol Marinelli

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

‘Emergency: Wife lost and found’ by Carol Marinelli, in my opinion a very enjoyable read. I came across it on in the Top 100 free and as I enjoy medical dramas with a passion, I thought I’d give it a go!

I actually really enjoyed this book. The story behind it was that an A & E (ER for my American friends!) consultant, James Morrell, is on a round on the Emergency department when a severely injured casualty is rushed into the department suffering extreme injuries. He is taken aback as he instantly recognises the woman – she was his ex-wife, Dr Lorna McClelland! The story moves quickly around to their interactions and how they finally begin to open up to each other. The story following the dreadful car accident was an enjoyable read.

As many previous reviewers I have read say, ‘there was an overuse of exclamation points,’ I have to disagree. I believe that exclamation points are used and needed throughout this story, as much was full of emotion that needed proper portrayal, and how better way than an exclamation point? I think that they are a brilliant was of presenting the characters feeling and emotions, making them well known to the reader throughout.

I would overall give this book a four out of five stars!

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