Wednesday, 26 October 2011

An interview with the amazing MJ Schutte, author of 'Energy'!...

1. Hi MJ! Would you mind telling me a little about yourself and your books?
I am 38 years old, married to an angel and have 3 wonderful kids. We live in South Africa’s North West province.
Energy is my debut novel and Birth of a Wizard, the second book in the series, will be launched early next year.
2. Do you have a outlined ‘plan’ when you write, or do you just write and see where it takes you?
I do have a plan, but nothing on paper. I run the book through in my mind before I start writing.
It can be compared to a movie playing over and over until you know the entire thing word for word.
3. How do you manage to come up with your amazing plots and ideas?
My wife asked the same thing when she read Energy for the first time.
I told her this: “There is an entire world that exists in my mind. I simply close my eyes and watch what happens. “
4.What was the most challenging part when you’re writing?
Editing my own work. Because I know the book so well, I struggle to see mistakes. Luckily, I have four proofreaders and one professional editor who help me with this.
5. Are you the writer who listens to music, has the TV in the background, or so you prefer the silence?
I don’t have a preference. I can write in silence or when the kids have their music at full volume. I disappear into my own world when I write and very few things disturb me.
6. How do you spend your time when you’re not writing?
I play tennis and golf. I also love to spend time with my kids, just listening to music or playing outside.
Occasionally I will play chess with my son, but not often! He is 15 years old and will be playing in the South African Nationals in December.
If I’m lucky, I can win one in ten games against him!
7. Which author would you most like to meet and why?
Raymond E Feist, author of Magician (and other good fantasy books)
Magician is easily one of my favorite books of all time.
8. If you could travel to one country/place in the world where would you go and why?
I would go to the UK. My wife and I were there for a short visit earlier this year and we did not see everything we wanted to see.
I’m fascinated with old buildings, churches and castles.
9. What’s your favourite colour?
I don’t really have a favorite colour. If I had to choose, it would be black since it is the sum of all colours.
I also have a fascination with black panthers, as most people who have read Energy already know.
10. Do you have a favourite word that you love?
The word “love”, especially when me wife uses it in the sentence “I love you”.
One critic said that Energy contained “giggly teenage romance”.
Interesting comment since the romance between the two main characters is loosely based on the romance between my wife and I and we are hardly teenagers.
11. Do you have any advice for the aspiring authors out there?
Something I like to say is “Write with passion, publish with pride”
Put your heart into your writing and be proud of your work.
12. Finally, would you like to add anything/say anything to your fans etc.?
The fans have really been awesome! Thank you to every single one who has read Energy and for all the good comments and reviews.

Thank you so much MJ, for taking the time to answer the questions! :)

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