Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Review for 'Oceans of Red' by Willow Cross...

Here's my review for the fabulous, Willow Cross's book Oceans of Red!! :)

Oceans of Red is the first volume by Willow Cross. As I finished this amazing book, I found myself eagerly and impatiently anticipating the release of Volume Two!
Oceans of Red is based around the December 2012 prophecy; the prophecy declaring the end of the world as we know it. Demons are running the show, inhabiting humans and ultimately, it is the story’s main character’s jobs to stop this from happening. This book left me yearning for more, to know what happens! I was left at a cliff-hanger at the final page!

The characters, Remy, Greg and Shane, have been intricately created, with each having definable, individual characteristics. For example, there is Remy, the leading heroine. Her strength, sarcasm, and smartness makes her individual, while simultaneously caring and compassionate, makes her a character that everyone would just simply adore and admire. These three figures in the book make it an attention-grabbing read, from start to finish, while also playing a vital role in the telling of the story!

Willow has shaped and brought into existence, this magical and mystical world, crammed demons and power. Instilled in this book, is everything a paranormal addict like me could want! With demons embodied in humans to magic and ancient Druids, this volume is a definite read. The story flowed beautifully, from start to finish, and I never found it at all difficult to continue reading!

Willow has a natural remarkable way with the words she uses, thus creating a world of mystery and fantasy, brimming with pleasure and enjoyment. This undoubtedly leaves you longing for more, the desire to read the following volume. I would without ANY hesitation give this book a massive 5/5 stars! I would also without a doubt recommend it to every single person out there. It a definite must read!! Praise for Willow!

Thank you Willow, for crafting these incredible worlds that we, the reader, can enjoy and adore for hours on end! I ultimately found it very hard to write this review, as I continually found myself typing what happens, only to find myself hitting that delete button way too many times. I don’t want to give any of this remarkable tale away, but what I will say, is that you need to get it now, and read, read and read!

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