Monday, 3 October 2011

Review for Vultar’s Heart, Body and Soul Mate, Part 1 by Beth Wright...

I've decided to put this review up on here as I feel that this author really deserves to have more recognition than she currently has!...

Vultar’s Heart, Body and Soul Mate part 1, is the first segment. I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it was funny, romantic and exciting. Upon finishing this, I wanted to know what happens next! The only thing, was that the book needs to be longer, but in this short part, quite a lot actually happens…A young girl goes down to the basement, and is kidnapped from her home, to wake up shrouded in darkness, surrounded by an unfamiliar kind. Trapped in the basement, these strangers do not allow any harm to come upon her. Vultar captures her heart, revealing that they are soul-mates and that he will never let anything ever hurt her. The book is brimming with excitement and a sweet one of a kind love that captures our hearts. This is a brilliant read, by an amazing author, and it had me in stitches countless times. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone. It is different, but an amazing type of different. I’d give it a 5/5 stars, even though there were a few spelling mistakes, I do not feel that they detracted at all from the amazing storyline. I can’t wait for the next instalment!


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