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Character Interview! - Beth Gaulda!

Hi!  My name is Beth Gualda.  For today’s on-the-spot interview, I caught up with Mya Cotton and Percival Shelby, a.k.a. the angel, Pershabael, from Cemetery Moon, book one of the Moonlit Wings series.

BG:  Let me start with you, Pershabael.  Just what kind of angel are you?
Percy:  Oh.  I’m a guardian.  Mya’s guardian, to be exact.  There are nine orders of angels.  I’m in the lowest.
Mya:  Percy, stop saying that.  You’re not a lowly angel.
Percy:  I didn’t say ‘lowly’, darlin’.  I said ‘lowest’.  There’s a difference.
Mya:  Still.  You’re an awesome angel.  You’re the sweetest, smartest, most compassionate, and loving angel ever.  Uh, not to mention, gorgeous and sexy.  And I love you to pieces.  There’s nothing lowly about you.
Percy:  I love you, too, Mya.  I stand corrected.
BG:  Okay.  Granted, you possess many qualities most people attribute to angels, but I have to say, when a lot of folks think of angels, they don’t think of blue jeans, black leather, Southern drawls, Harley-Davidsons, and .50 caliber weaponry.
Percy:  Well, I am something of a field agent, being a guardian and all.  I have to fit in and look like I belong among people.  It’s just my personal style.  Not all guardians ride Harleys and wear faded denim.  Some like suits and ties.
Mya:  I asked him practically that very same thing once I found out he was an angel.  He told me he was just a modern angel.
Percy:  Let’s face it.  Society has changed since the beginning of time.  People have changed.  What’s acceptable in society varies greatly from decade to decade even.  It’s only right angels adapt as well.
BG:  Some would say you are extremely liberal for an angel.
Percy:  (laughs) People in the 18th century might say the same about anybody walking around in this day and age.
BG:  So, you don’t deny the rumors of…how do I put this delicately?  Having sex?
Mya:  We are in a committed, loving relationship.  It’s not like we met at a bar and decided to go at each other in the back seat of my Mustang just to scratch and itch.
Percy:  (laughing again) Delicately put, hon.
BG:  Are other angels like you in that respect then?
Percy:  I suppose you could say that.  We don’t just sit around on clouds in white robes strumming harps all day.  We interact with people.  We help them.  Guide them.  And…we fall in love just like everyone else.
Mya:  Every angel I have ever met has been very angelic.  Just very modern.
BG:  So, you’ve met more than one angel?
Mya:  Yes.  I’m very blessed.  Seems they like to hang-out, so to speak, in the cemetery where I live.
BG:  You live in a cemetery?
Mya:  Oh, no!  Let me rephrase that.  I live in a refurbished church rectory with a cemetery.  A beautiful place called Idlewild.  My daddy owned it and left it to me in his will when he passed.  It was sentimental to him.  It’s sentimental to me now.
BG:  Hmm.  Which reminds me.  Let’s talk about your former estate attorney, Marco De La Zahn, who is also the angel, Mazriel.  My sources say he has been very influential in your life.  What can you tell me about Mazriel?
Mya:  Uh, Maz was an influence once.  He’s not anymore.  Let’s make that clear.
Percy:  Mazriel is my brother.  I love him, but he’s got issues.
Mya:  He’s a fallen angel, for one.  And yeah, we dated awhile back, back when I was having issues of my own.  But I didn’t know he was a dark angel at the time.  He was just on the same page as me and there’s no denying he’s sexy as…well, hell.  I couldn’t help being completely infatuated with him.
BG:  But that’s over now?
Mya:  Of course it’s over.  Percy saved me.
BG:  Mya, there’s been talk of you and Mazriel remaining friends.  Is this true?
Percy:  Mya’s got a big heart.  She and Maz have stayed in touch.  I don’t mind so much.  She kind of keeps him in line.  A lot better than I’ve ever been able to.  Then, you can catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.  I reckon that’s true.
BG:  Well, Mya and Pershabael, you two seem like the perfect couple. Is there any advice you could offer other lovers who might be reading this today?
Mya:  Oh, we’re not perfect.  Far from it!  We get into it with each other just like any other couple now and then, but we allow each other our imperfections.  We forgive each other and we simply love each other.
Percy:  We try to do better—be better, for one another, and learn from our mistakes.  And like Mya said, we love each other.  Love is all you really need.  Everything else just seems to fall into place if you have that. We believe we do.
BG:  Love is all you need?  I would have thought you’d have quoted scripture instead of The Beatles.
Percy:  (laughs and winks at me)  Can’t help it.  Best band of all time.
BG:  (laughing, too)  On that auspicious note, we’ll wrap this up. Thank you Mya Cotton and Pershabael for taking the time to chat today. Readers, be sure to check out Cemetery Moon, first book of the Moonlit Wings series and find out for yourselves what makes this super-couple tick!  Till next time, remember…all you need is love!

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