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Character Interview! - Beth Gaulda!

Hi!  My name is Beth Gualda.  For today’s on-the-spot interview, I caught up with Mya Cotton and Percival Shelby, a.k.a. the angel, Pershabael, from Cemetery Moon, book one of the Moonlit Wings series.

BG:  Let me start with you, Pershabael.  Just what kind of angel are you?
Percy:  Oh.  I’m a guardian.  Mya’s guardian, to be exact.  There are nine orders of angels.  I’m in the lowest.
Mya:  Percy, stop saying that.  You’re not a lowly angel.
Percy:  I didn’t say ‘lowly’, darlin’.  I said ‘lowest’.  There’s a difference.
Mya:  Still.  You’re an awesome angel.  You’re the sweetest, smartest, most compassionate, and loving angel ever.  Uh, not to mention, gorgeous and sexy.  And I love you to pieces.  There’s nothing lowly about you.
Percy:  I love you, too, Mya.  I stand corrected.
BG:  Okay.  Granted, you possess many qualities most people attribute to angels, but I have to say, when a lot of folks think of angels, they don’t think of blue jeans, black leather, Southern drawls, Harley-Davidsons, and .50 caliber weaponry.
Percy:  Well, I am something of a field agent, being a guardian and all.  I have to fit in and look like I belong among people.  It’s just my personal style.  Not all guardians ride Harleys and wear faded denim.  Some like suits and ties.
Mya:  I asked him practically that very same thing once I found out he was an angel.  He told me he was just a modern angel.
Percy:  Let’s face it.  Society has changed since the beginning of time.  People have changed.  What’s acceptable in society varies greatly from decade to decade even.  It’s only right angels adapt as well.
BG:  Some would say you are extremely liberal for an angel.
Percy:  (laughs) People in the 18th century might say the same about anybody walking around in this day and age.
BG:  So, you don’t deny the rumors of…how do I put this delicately?  Having sex?
Mya:  We are in a committed, loving relationship.  It’s not like we met at a bar and decided to go at each other in the back seat of my Mustang just to scratch and itch.
Percy:  (laughing again) Delicately put, hon.
BG:  Are other angels like you in that respect then?
Percy:  I suppose you could say that.  We don’t just sit around on clouds in white robes strumming harps all day.  We interact with people.  We help them.  Guide them.  And…we fall in love just like everyone else.
Mya:  Every angel I have ever met has been very angelic.  Just very modern.
BG:  So, you’ve met more than one angel?
Mya:  Yes.  I’m very blessed.  Seems they like to hang-out, so to speak, in the cemetery where I live.
BG:  You live in a cemetery?
Mya:  Oh, no!  Let me rephrase that.  I live in a refurbished church rectory with a cemetery.  A beautiful place called Idlewild.  My daddy owned it and left it to me in his will when he passed.  It was sentimental to him.  It’s sentimental to me now.
BG:  Hmm.  Which reminds me.  Let’s talk about your former estate attorney, Marco De La Zahn, who is also the angel, Mazriel.  My sources say he has been very influential in your life.  What can you tell me about Mazriel?
Mya:  Uh, Maz was an influence once.  He’s not anymore.  Let’s make that clear.
Percy:  Mazriel is my brother.  I love him, but he’s got issues.
Mya:  He’s a fallen angel, for one.  And yeah, we dated awhile back, back when I was having issues of my own.  But I didn’t know he was a dark angel at the time.  He was just on the same page as me and there’s no denying he’s sexy as…well, hell.  I couldn’t help being completely infatuated with him.
BG:  But that’s over now?
Mya:  Of course it’s over.  Percy saved me.
BG:  Mya, there’s been talk of you and Mazriel remaining friends.  Is this true?
Percy:  Mya’s got a big heart.  She and Maz have stayed in touch.  I don’t mind so much.  She kind of keeps him in line.  A lot better than I’ve ever been able to.  Then, you can catch a lot more flies with honey than vinegar.  I reckon that’s true.
BG:  Well, Mya and Pershabael, you two seem like the perfect couple. Is there any advice you could offer other lovers who might be reading this today?
Mya:  Oh, we’re not perfect.  Far from it!  We get into it with each other just like any other couple now and then, but we allow each other our imperfections.  We forgive each other and we simply love each other.
Percy:  We try to do better—be better, for one another, and learn from our mistakes.  And like Mya said, we love each other.  Love is all you really need.  Everything else just seems to fall into place if you have that. We believe we do.
BG:  Love is all you need?  I would have thought you’d have quoted scripture instead of The Beatles.
Percy:  (laughs and winks at me)  Can’t help it.  Best band of all time.
BG:  (laughing, too)  On that auspicious note, we’ll wrap this up. Thank you Mya Cotton and Pershabael for taking the time to chat today. Readers, be sure to check out Cemetery Moon, first book of the Moonlit Wings series and find out for yourselves what makes this super-couple tick!  Till next time, remember…all you need is love!

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Character Interview- Joanne Brothwell!!

Katie –Hi! First question! Would you like to tell us your name and describe yourself in a couple of sentences?
Hi everyone, I’m Evan Valente, and I’m the love interest in Joanne Brothwell’s novel, Stealing Breath. I’ve been told I have eyes the colour of sapphires, my hair is very dark, nearly black, and my girlfriend, Sarah Ross, says I have a “chiselled jawline”, whatever that means!

Katie – Oooh wow! What do you consider your strengths to be?

Evan – Personality or physical? I suppose my greatest strength is loyalty. I’m 100 percent loyal to Sarah; in fact, I would do anything for her. But if you’re wondering about physical strengths, it would definitely be the ability to channel electricity. I have to admit, that’s pretty cool.

Katie – Channel energy? Now that is VERY cool! So, what about your weaknesses?
Evan – Weakness? What weakness! No, just kidding. My past is my weakness. Being brought up in a family of Malandanti necromancers wasn’t easy. It has permanently left a scar.

Katie – Do you have a greatest fear?
Evan – I fear the power of my father, a Malandanti High Priest. Thank goodness he’s dead, because if he was still alive, I’m certain my future would be predetermined.

Katie – I would agree with you there! Scary! What is the most important thing in your life? What do you value the most?
Evan – Sarah. She has changed my life, for the better. I value her ability to see beyond the surface, beyond the flaws, to see the good in people.

Katie – Sarah sounds like an amazing person! What's the one thing you have always wanted to do but didn't/couldn't/wouldn't?
Evan – I’ve always wanted to ask my mother why she stayed with my abusive father. Unfortunately, she’s dead too, so I’ll never have the opportunity.

Katie – Secrets! Do you have any? Feel like sharing?

Evan – Geesh. I’m weighted down with so many secrets I’m practically crushed. Let’s just say, growing up in a Malandanti family has exposed me to many repulsive scenarios.

Katie – That sounds like a LOT! What’s your favourite colour?

Evan – Indigo. The colour of Sarah’s eyes (and her aura). Did you know she’s the only Indigo Child with an aura so powerful it actually manifested in her eyes?

Katie – Oh wow! That’s amazing! …And now for the ultimate question…How does it feel that another person writes your life?
Evan – Oh, I don’t mind. Joanne’s pretty cool. She knows me inside and out, and while I know she’s going to torture the hell out of me, in the end, things will all come together. I hope.

Katie – Thank you so much for joining me today, Evan! It has been fab to have you here! And a special thank you to Joanne, for letting you come along!! :)

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Michelle Birbeck - Character Interview!!!

Katie – Hi there! Firstly, would you like to tell us your name and describe yourself in 5 sentences? (Or less, whatever fits!)
Serenity Cardea, though I'd be grateful if you didn't share the name too widely. To most I'm known as Azrael, though if I'm being honest, I hate that name. However, if it's a choice between being called the Angel of Death and those who want me dead knowing my real name, Azrael it is.
I'm the last Keeper, charged with protecting the balance between the races, making sure the witches, Weres, and vampires stay off the human radar. I protect those who need it, fight those who cause trouble, and hope every day for an end to the slaughter my race has faced. Most days I feel old, as though I'm walking through a world I don't belong in. The days I don't are few and far between.

Katie – Oh wow! That must be a hard job! So, what do you consider your strengths to be?
Serenity – Being able to influence the minds of others is a great strength to have. It enables me to do my duty, to spare lives, and to mould the world into a better, less bloody place.

Katie – What about your weaknesses?
Serenity – I have a weakness, a physical one, in the form of one Ray Synclair. A human being whose life became my own when I met him. But I have other flaws, or so I'm told. I would save the whole world from itself if I could, even though I shouldn't.

Katie – Ray must be pretty special! What about fear? Do you have a greatest fear?
Serenity – Losing Ray. Not only would it mean the end of my life, but the end of everything I know. Being the last of us is a great burden, but it is more so knowing that Ray's life means the end of mine, and that the end of mine means the end of the balance.

Katie – What is the most important thing in your life? What do you value the most?
Serenity – Ray, my family and my race. Ray I value above all else. He is my happiness, my weakness, and my greatest joy. But my family and race are also just as important. I love visiting them when I have the chance, telling our stories and tales of times gone by. It's one of the things that still makes me smile, seeing the looks on their faces when I tell them stories.

Katie – What about this question? What's the one thing you have always wanted to do but didn't/couldn't/wouldn't?
Serenity – Slaughter the entire vampire race. There are days when I have to remind myself that to kill them all would make me as bad as they are. They slaughtered my race, murdered my sister in the most brutal way, and hunted us down, leaving our families scattered and scared. I want to kill them all for it, but I can't. I won't. And I really shouldn't.
And sometimes I wonder why they call me their Angel of Death. Sometimes my temper gets the better of me.

Katie – Wow! That must have been a terrible tragedy. I admire your self-restraint! Do you have any secrets? Do you feel like sharing?
Serenity – Only from Helen, and those are generally the secrets regarding how many bodies I've left waiting for the sun.

Katie – What about your favourite colour? Do you have one?
Serenity – Green or grey. Green because of the dresses I can wear in that colour that are so beautiful. And grey because that is the colour of the eyes I looked into and never wanted to look away from.

Katie – How does it feel that another person writes your life?
Serenity – I'd like to say Michelle is good to me, but that might not always be the case. She writes what happens, and she listens to what I see, not what I should see. It is... strange, sharing everything with someone, but at the same time, it is almost like sitting down and writing in the records, except with more personal details. However, she can be entertaining at certain, more intimate points of the tale.

Katie – Thank you so much Serenity, for taking the time to answer all of my questions! And thank you Michelle for allowing the time for her to do so! :)

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Blook Tour! The Adventures of Baby Jaimie! And GIVEAWAY! (**25th August 2012**)

The Adventure of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie has a Crush


1. How did you get started?
I was living in Florida when I began writing the first book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie. I was a volunteer at the local library and when a little girl walked by me I heard her asking questions about my disability to her mother. The mother didn't know and basically just shushed the child. This has happened repeatedly during my life, but for some reason that one particular time lit a spark under me telling me it was time to tell my story. Shortly thereafter I also found out my sister was expecting her first child and that intensified my desire to educate children.

2. What steps have you taken to succeed?

I've done a lot of marketing. I am on all the major social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and GoodReads. I also own and run my own blog and website. I make it a point to post messages to my followers and write press releases whenever I have a giveaway or promotion going on. I also contact various internet radio stations and have gotten interviews on a few of them. Of course, I also do blog tours.

3. Have blog tours helped you reach more fans?

Definitely. They also help me connect to the fans I already have on a more personal level. I consider myself to be an accessible author who loves to connect with new readers and get messages from them. I answer all messages I receive, but most people don't realize about me until they read about it in interviews like these.

4. Do movies inspire you and if so, which ones?

Although I watch movies sometimes while I am writing I can't say there are a lot of movies that inspire me to write. However, lately a movie has been creeping into my mind as I work on a paranormal novel. The movie is Donnie Darko. I'm not sure why it does, but I'm sure I'll eventually figure it out.

5. How do you build your character world?

The best character worlds for me build themselves. Baby Jaimie was really the only one I put effort into building. I styled her after myself with my real life family as my model. Seven years later I am finding out she's not so much like me after all. Basically, my characters take on lives all their own and I just write what they show and tell me.

6. Do you prefer technical or free style writing?

Definitely free style

7. Are you a dirty or clean writer?

I write for Children and YA, I'm basically a clean writer.

8. If you could go back in time and meet one person who would it be and why?

Peggy Parish because I loved her Amelia Bedelia series so much as a child and actually, still do. I would love to be able to pick her brain on how to tell a good story while keeping it funny.

9. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It is my hope that not only will my book series be widely known, but I am also hoping it will be a popular cartoon series for PBS.

10. Where can we find your page/address?

My website can be found at and I can be emailed any time at People can also connect with me on:

The Blurb....!

From the minute she met him everyone thought Baby Jaimie's first crush was Derek. Derek even thought so. That's why he asked her first grade teacher, Mrs. Smith if he could come visit her. The day of the visit didn't go as planned. While Derek was introducing himself a new student, Jack, entered the room and stole everyone's attention. Especially Baby Jaimie's. For that reason Derek took an instant disliking to the new kid. Baby Jaimie is forced to choose between Derek and Jack and she doesn't know what to do. Is there a way to combine old friends with new friends? Can't they all just get along? Find out in The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Has A Crush.

Author Bio...!

Jaimie Hope was born November 3, 1976 in New York. It wasn't until high
school, where she joined the newspaper staff, that she decided she wanted
to be a writer. After graduation, writing was put aside for a while. The
author went to college and received an Associates degree in 1999. Then she
moved to Florida where she was an active volunteer in the local historical
society and remained active in the arts. It wasn’t until 2005 that Jaimie
wrote her first children's book, The Adventures of Baby Jaimie, published
in 2006 and Who Says You Can"t Go Home? in 2008. The Adventures of Baby
Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Goes to School in 2010. Her Autobiography, Roll With
It followed by the third volume in her children's series, The Adventures
2012. What's next for this author? Currently, she has the fifth volume in

of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Gets Stage Fright, and her first Paranormal
Romance, When You Come Back To Me Again were released in 2011. Finally,
The Adventures of Baby Jaimie: Baby Jaimie Has a Crush was released inthe Baby Jaimie series under contract and a couple novels are also in the


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Review for 'Afterlife,' a Dark Gifts Companion, by Willow Cross!

Afterlife (The Dark Gifts #1.5)Afterlife by Willow Cross
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The story of ‘Afterlife,’ a Dark Gifts Companion, tells the tale of how Angie and William came to meet each other. I found myself quickly turning and turning pages until I found myself at the end! The characters are easy to connect with as they are full of life and spirit. The pace of the story was fast and I was honestly hooked until the concluding page! Trust me, if you have not read any of the other Dark Gifts books, you will rush straight to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, and click that “BUY” button; you’ll already be hooked and will have the need to know more, what happens next and how the story continues!

This story can be read before or after reading The Dark Gifts Birthright and you would not be lost at all! I would totally recommend getting yourself a copy of this companion as you will not regret it, not one iota! Hail for Willow! Keep the stories coming!

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Review for 'Breathless' by Scott Prussing

Breathless (The Blue Fire Saga, #1)Breathless by Scott Prussing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

‘Breathless’, by Scott Prussing is a fantastic take on the paranormal, romance genre. With Leesa Nyland’s fasciation regarding one-fanged vampires – all started by her mother’s claim that she was bitten by one - this initially made me feel a little bit dubious, but it all paid off! I found this book to be intriguing, both full of mystery and suspense. With the disappearance of Leesa’s older brother, she finds that her belief system is put to the ultimate test; all of these thought-to-be-myths ultimately have deeper, hidden truths.

The story flows impeccably and I found myself rapidly turning page after page! It is full of the threat of danger and mystery. The characters are intriguing! Firstly on one side of the ring, there’s Rave, the handsome vampire hunter. On the other side of the ring, there’s Stefan, the brooding vampire. He is strikingly handsome! If I found myself surrounded by both these beautiful men, I think my geart would stop beating; I’d be in shock due to their awesomeness! I must admit thought, once I’ve got my head straight, I would find myself more attracted to Rave than Stefan, mainly due to his tall-dark-handsome-ness. And the name – Rave - that just does it all for me!

I would without a doubt give this book a 5 star rating! I thoroughly recommend this book to all lovers of the vampire, romance genre! It is a must read! I look forward to reading the second book, Deathless! Thank you Scott, for bringing this awesome book into existence!

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